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YiLi operates a plant that covers over 60,000 square meters. The plant is divided into a raw material warehouse, production workshop and finished product warehouse. In the workshop we employ several sets of warping machines, wire drawing machines, mesh weaving machines and spray coating machines. The annual output of metal mesh reaches up to 15 million square meters.

After testing, the raw materials are put in the warping machine, so that the wires will be withdrawn from the single-end packages on the reel and directly wound on a beam.

Wire drawing:
Our wire drawing machines are advanced equipment imported from Japan. With 150 wire drawing machines, the monthly output is about 1,200 tons. During the wire drawing process, the wires will go through the process of quenching, water cooling and cleaning. The product quality and excellent appearance are all carefully controlled during the production process.

Mesh weaving :
With more than 60 mesh weaving machines, the mesh weaving workshop can produce 700,000 square meters of wire meshes every month.

Wire mesh tensioning:
Before powder coating, the wire mesh should be tensioned and then cut into specified sizes.

Powder coating:
The precut wire mesh is powder coated according to the color required by the customer. Our spraying equipment is an advanced automatic production line, whose spray width can reach up to 1.60 meters, so that it can meet the various needs of customers. Currently, we can spray 180,000 square meters every month..

Fence netting welding:
The fence netting is produced according to customer requirements. First, the wires are welded into fence nettings or frames of fence nettings. Then the netting will be galvanized or powder sprayed according to the requested color. Our monthly output of fence netting is 300,000 square meters.

Our packaging conforms to relevant export standards. We put a layer of moisture-proof paper and a layer of plastic film in a wooden case or on a wooden pallet. Wooden cases are made of fumigation-free multi-layer plywood, in order to ensure the stability and safety during transport.

Finished product warehouse:
The finished product warehouse covers an area of around 3,500 square meters. The wire meshes are rolled and placed tidily onto shelves. The fence nettings are placed in wooden cases or on wooden pallets.

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