Barbecue Net

Grill Mesh/ Cooking Grill/ Barbeque Grate

 Barbecue Net

Low carbon steel, stainless steel, copper .

Surface Treatment:
Galvanizing, copper plating, nickel plating, chrome plating, stainless steel.

Good resistance against heat and corrosion. Available in various sizes, forms and assortments.

These grates can be used for direct heat application such as grilling or for drying/cooling food.

Barbecue Mesh Type:
Serging circular barbecue net (flat convex type);
Serging square barbecue net;
Welding square barbecue net;
Arc type barbecue net;
Welding circle, square stainless steel barbecue net;
We can also produce other kinds of barbecue net according to the specifications.

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