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Filter Elements

Steel Filters/ Steel Strainers/ Filtration Elements

 Filter Elements

Directions of Filter Elements Model:
PF-D/L-R D-Outside Diameter L-Length R-Filtration Rating

Advantages of stainless steel pleated filter elements:
High dirt holding capacity, high reliable standard specifications Stainless steel pleated filter element has low pressure drop , due to high porosity. Easily cleaned.

stainless steel, low carbon iron, copper, brass.

Wire diameter:

10-600 mesh.

ring, round disc, cylinder, irregular filter elements.

round, rectangle, loop, oval and kidney-shaped, etc.
The frame materials can be stainless steel, aluminum and nickel-plated copper. EPDM rubber frame, plastic frame etc.
The filters can be single layer or multilayer.

The mesh of the filter:
plain weave, twilled weave, dutch weave, perforated, sintered mesh.

Filter Packs are mainly used in filtration of chemical fiber and polyester film industry. and coffee filter (food grade), extruder machine industry.

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