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Car Grille Mesh

Car Grill/ Automotive Grill/ Grill Cover

 Car Grille Mesh

stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, common carbon plate, brass plate, nickle plate, titanium plate, iron plate, Al-mg alloy plat

expanded metal mesh or crimped weave wire mesh

Miniature steel nets thickness:
0.3mm-0.8mm, mesh1mm*0.75mm--200mm*100mm

Small steel nets lwd:
3mm-40mm, swd: 2mm-25mm, thickness: 0.8mm-1.6mm
Additional specs available upon request

Hole shape:
according to the hole: it is divided into diamond, square, round, triangle scale, etc.
We can produce custom shapes as well.

Surface treatment:
cleaning, galvanizing, anodizing, painting, lacquering, plastic coating

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