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Expanded Metal Mesh

Diamond Mesh/ Steel Grating/ Expanded Steel Mesh

 Expanded Metal Mesh

Stainless steel, low carbon steel, brass plate, aluminum plate, titanium plate, AL-Mg alloy plate.

Hole Shape:
Diamond, square hole, scale hole.

This product is everlasting, it is widely used in filters baskets, air filtration units, machine guards, and animal cages to name a few of the many applications.
Special designs or sizes are also available.

Expanded Metal Mesh Production Process:
1. The metal plate is advanced beyond the face of the bottom die one strand width.
2. The top die then descends, slits and forms an entire row of half diamonds.
3. The top die then ascends and moves one half of a diamond to the right as the base sheet of plate moves forward one strand width.
4. The top die descends, slits and forms another full row of half diamonds completing a row of full diamonds.
The die then ascends and above steps are repeated continuously.

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