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Perforated Mesh

Steel Mesh/ Perforated Sheet/ Steel Mesh Sheet

 Perforated Mesh

Carbon steel, aluminum steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, PP sheet, PVC sheet, cooper, wood board etc.

CNC perforating, CNC turret perforating, laser cutting, water jet cutting, coil to coil perforating, coil to pieces perforating, etching etc.

Characteristics of Perforated Metal:
The perforated metal sheets can be easily formed, re-shaped, painted or polished. The superior abrasion resistance, installation and thickness selection gives the mesh a wide variety of application possibilities.

Perforated metal mesh is widely used in chemical machinery, pharmaceutical equipment, food and beverage machines, cigarette machines, harvesters, dry-cleaning machines, ironing table, silencing, equipment, refrigeration equipment(central air conditioning), speakers, crafts, paper-making, hydraulic fitting, filtration equipment and other industrial applications.

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