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Fence Netting

Fencing Mesh/ Mesh Fence/ Steel Fence

 Fence Netting
We produce a variety of fence netting types:

Frame Fence
Structure: This product is widely used along roads, railways highways, etc. The frame is welded to the mesh and is extremely simple to install. The frame fence can be permanently or temporarily installed.
Use: This kind of frame fence is very popular and widely used in roadside protection.
The features: Nice looking, durable, corrosion resistant.
Customization available.

Reflecting Net
Reflecting net is metal mesh used in a variety of industries. They are often referred to as anti-cast nets, iron mesh, expanded metal mesh, or perforated metal panels.
These nets can help facilities effectively reduce horizontal glare.
They are primarily used to minimize light from other cars from impeding oncoming traffic.

Iron Art Fence
Iron art fence is assembled using the whole framework. The mesh is connected with uprights connected by a semicircular head and square neck bolts and washers. The fences are generally no higher than 2 meters. You will find these fences along roads, residential areas, factories, parks and many other places.

Municipal Fence
Municipal fences are widely used in security and decorative municipal engineering, roads, factories, development zones, squares and other places.

Zinc Steel Fence
Zinc steel fence can be easily installed and features 500 different colors to choose from. The surface of the fence is electrostatic sprayed with akzo-nobel antioxidant powder for UV corrosion protection.

Triangle Fence
Triangle fencing is frequently seen in public fields as fences surrounding gardens, playing fields supermarkets or other businesses. It is also used for machine guards and other partitioning purposes.
Structure: weaved and welded, using low carbon steel wires fixed by the linking accessories and steel pipe.

Chain Link Fence
Chain link fences are made from galvanized or PVC-coated steel wire fixed to posts. This type of fencing is found nearly everywhere and has unlimited usefulness.

Temporary Fence
Temporary fence panels are perfect for a variety of different uses as the panels are easy and fast to erect. It is ideal for any project, including: special events, domestic housing sites, exhibitions, concerts / parades, environmental protection areas, crowd control, sporting events.

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