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Security Mesh

Mesh Fencing/ Weaved Mesh/ Steel Mesh

 Security Mesh

Hebei Yili Wire Mesh Company is one of the largest stainless steel security mesh manufactures in the world. Stainless steel security mesh is high quality window screen material that has been powder coated and weaved for good looks and durability.

Application: High grade apartment and office window screens

Material: 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 201, 430, high carbon steel.

Colors: Black, white, gray, yellow, blue, red.

Weaving type: plain weave,crimped weave,herring-bone weave.

Characteristics of Security Mesh:
1. Safety protection: This product is woven by stainless steel wire. It prevents against intruders and pests from entering your home. The screen is highly impact resistant and protects against cutting damage.
2. Rust and oxidation resistance (long life): with stainless steel mesh, it can protect the window from rust and oxidation.
3. Fall prevention. The screen securely locks in place and will not tear in cases of leaning against the window or falling.
4. Easy to open: The screen is removable and can be taken out if you need exit through the window in case of fire or other emergency.
5. Easy to care for: The mesh can be easily cleaned with a variety of common household cleaners and water.
6. Ultraviolet ray resisting: This product can keep 30% of the ultraviolet rays out of your home.

Before exporting, our products will be manually packaged with tailor-made wooden boxes, in order to prevent damage.

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